FeedCheck Product Review Monitoring enables brand owners and manufacturers to hear what customers are saying about them.

In any online store. From one place.

The real fact:

84% of shoppers read your product reviews before purchasing from you or…spending their money with your competitor. What was once a discussion between shoppers in a brick & mortar store, now is a public worldwide stage where your product reviews are shared with dozens of millions of people in the audience every day.

FeedCheck makes customer review monitoring easy

Multi-store product review monitoring in one place

Whether you have a few products or thousands across various brands and categories sold in popular global and niche marketplaces, you can automate your product review monitoring in one place. With 60+ e-commerce sites supported by FeedCheck, you can access your on-going product review feed from any relevant store.

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Filtered alerts

Enhance your product review monitoring with filtered alerts on new customer reviews based on review rating, product, brand, store-channel, keyword, and other relevant groupings.

Receive alerts at your desired timeframe

From hourly to daily or from weekly to monthly, you decide the review monitoring pace

Customer reviews integrated within your business

Get your customer reviews & ratings to your preferred system where together with your team you can analyze them or integrate the review & rating data with other key sales KPIs.

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Competitor product review monitoring

Discover what makes your competitor products winners or losers from their customer reviews. Measure how customer experiences differ for competing products, brands and within categories. Competitor review monitoring helps you stay ahead of your competitors by expanding your understanding of various consumer experiences and knowing your market best.

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Make product review monitoring your #1 priority in no time!

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