React fast to your customer reviews

Flexible alerts help you react quickly to the latest customer talk in online stores.

Negative reviews reveal bad experiences that customers had while using your products. They’re real warnings to potential buyers to stay away from your products and look somewhere else.

As a customer satisfaction manager, PR or marketer, you can quickly engage with your reviewers, offer them support or guide them towards products from your offering they might not even have been aware of.

Don’t miss another new review!

  • Flexible rule-driven alerts: receive alerts only on new reviews that interest you. New reviews, questions, reviews within a star range (i.e. under 3) or containing specific keywords your customers mention, reviews for certain products or from selected stores - define your combinations and turn alerts ON.
  • Unlimited alerts: receive alerts without any constraints on their number or volume of reviews received, positive or negative.
  • Perfect schedule: react to customer reviews as quickly as you need. Standard daily or as often as hourly review aggregation and alerts, we have the technology to accommodate both timeframes and any alternative in between.
  • Alerts to various internal systems: get your new review notifications right in the system where you and your team spend most of your time providing customer support or discussing product improvements. From email inbox, Trello and Twilio to Zendesk and Slack, FeedCheck can deliver your new reviews and alerts to any of these platforms.

Are you ready to turn on your new review alerts across any online store?

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