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You are here because you think education should be more accessible and applicable.
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About us

Our journey started in 2016, when we launched our global platform for product review monitoring and online reputation management. Right now, our software manages and analyzes tens of millions of customer reviews for our American and European clients.

About you

Your university offers educational programs in Marketing, Business, Management, Communication and Public Relations and other related fields of study. You want your students to have access to all means necessary to put their theoretical knowledge into practice.


What you get

If you pursue a partnership with us, your institution gets to use our review monitoring software free of charge for any educational purpose (including projects, theses and dissertations).


We believe that it’s detrimental for students to have access to a diversity of tools to practice the theory they learn in class. That’s why we want to facilitate this process by offering our resources for free to all learners.

Discover our premium features

Review aggregation and filtering

You can gather all reviews in one place from any online platform and analyze them through +7 filters available on FeedCheck.

Qualitative analysis

Measure the customer sentiment and discover the most talked about topics by the customers, as well as the contexts where certain subjects are approached in online reviews.

Quantitative measurements

Keep track of various charts containing trends, review distribution and net promoter scores. Customize and download any info graphic you need.


What are the next steps

Fill in the contact form and tell us how you would like to use FeedCheck for your educational and institutional needs. It’s important to us to know as much information as possible, so we can provide you with the best possible service. After that, we’ll contact you as soon as possible and we’ll talk about our partnership terms and conditions and how we can personalize your experience with FeedCheck, according to your institution’s wants and needs.

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