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Sometimes one size doesn't fit all. Your brand is unique and we are willing to help you choose the best option. We present to you our starting plans:

Lite Plus Enterprise
Starting at $129 Starting at $290 Custom
All prices vary with the number of products (own+competitors) and channels
Products up to 9 products
(including competitor ones)
up to 29 products
(including competitor ones)
any number of products
Channels 1 channel 3 channels any channels
Competitor brands included included any competitors
Users unlimited unlimited unlimited
Review aggregation
Frequency on-going daily custom custom
Alerts unlimited unlimited unlimited
Review history
Flexible data filters
Export review raw data
Import review data from Excel
or other sources
Review & Question response response link response link response link
+ Amazon integration
Review & Rating trends
Review & Rating reports
Popular topic discovery
Topic sentiment analysis
Word explorer
Product Review & Rating Widgets
Other integrations
Setup self-service self-service self-service or assisted
Support 24/7
global support
global support
global support
Billing credit card credit card credit card / wire
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