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You and your audience have a special bond: you both love animals. And what a beautiful thing that is! But sometimes, love is not enough and you might feel like you need some extra help. That’s when FeedCheck comes to rescue and makes the communication between you and your customers a far easier process.

All you need in one place

You’re one click away from your customers’ true thoughts.
  1. Aggregate all your product reviews on one platform
  2. Discover how your customers actually feel about your products
  3. See what customers think about your competitors
Reviews dashboard

Top features on FeedCheck:

  • Key drivers: measure the customer satisfaction about specific characteristics of your products and compare it to your competitors
  • Trending topics: discover the patterns in your customer reviews and check out the words that the shoppers include the most in their feedback
  • Topic explorer: after identifying the patterns with Trending topics, you can see a context breakdown for the most frequently used words by your customers

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