Why does your business need review management?

FeedCheck provides organizations with strong management tools to track performance and a variety of metrics to help you better understand your business.

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Time efficient Improve reputation Boost SEO Measure performance Track competitors

Monitor, analyze & respond

Everything you need to make your business perform better

Time efficient

Whether you are a small business or a large organization, you want to organize your time intelligently - efficient time means effective work. Greater productivity, happier consumers, and more opportunities for your business are all advantages of review management.

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Improve reputation

Build costumer satisfaction and loyalty by monitoring reviews and maintain your business growth and revenues. Bring in new customers and keep your current ones interested in your products or services. Negative reviews have a huge impact on decision making.

Boost SEO

Search engines interpret online customer reviews as a powerful signal of credibility and authority. Customer reviews create unique content for your business. In order to maintain a successful reputation management strategy, your company must stay up with current trends.

Measure performance

You can understand the state of your business and how effective it should be by tracking its performance. It also allows you to display all of your successful projects while simultaneously working to develop and empower your employees on a proactive basis.

Track competitors

Discover how your competitors are doing through the eyes of their customers. Monitoring your competitor reviews allows you to stay ahead of the competition by broadening your expertise of varied consumer experiences and gaining a better picture of your industry.

“FeedCheck allows us very quickly, at the touch of a button, to be able to get that feedback and benchmark against other businesses on how we are doing and what we could do to make ours even better.”

Director of Commercial Operations at the Cornish Bakery

Integrations for easy review management


Stay organized with your team by receiving reviews updates straight to your Slack channel.


Prioritize incoming reviews and assign them quickly as tickets for your support team.

API & others

Import data from FeedCheck to your internal apps & FeedCheck itself is a customizable platform that can be tailored to your business needs.

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