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Frequently asked questions

What kind of reviews do you monitor?

We monitor online reviews from e-commerce stores like Amazon, BestBuy and other retailers. Also we monitor review from app stores like Google Play, Apple AppStore, etc.

Which websites do you monitor?

At this moment we have a limited list of websites but we add countinouse at users demand.

Can I set criterion based alerts?

Yes, you can set many alerts based on criterias such as number of stars or reviews containing a specific keyword.

Do you monitor social media and blogs?

No, we monitor just retailers and app stores.

Do you provide a reply form?

For many stores we provide a link to reply to the review itself.

Do you monitor Amazon questions?

We also monitor user comments and questions about products on many eCommerce websites.

Do I need to provide all websites where users give us reviews?

If you can't provide a list, we will automatically discover them.

How do you monitor reviews?

Our systems visits all websites where your users give feedback and get all new reviews.