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A: Online product reviews across any local and global eCommerce retailers such as BestBuy, Target, Amazon, and many others. We also aggregate store reviews from both physical stores and app stores like Google Play and Apple Store.

A: From large brands with a global online presence and rich product listings to entrepreneurial eCommerce businesses with a few products or more, FeedCheck is the right product review aggregation and analytics platform for all.

Product Owners, from R&D and Marketing departments, eCommerce and Customer Support teams, PR officers, and everyone else that is part of the supply chain can benefit from what customers are talking about their products and brands, and competitors’ too, across the growing online space.

A: FeedCheck pricing is very simple: it depends on the store channels, their number, and the total number of products.

A: As often as you need. From a daily to hourly, or monthly to weekly basis - we can meet any timeframe needs. Generally, we aggregate reviews on a daily basis and any other option is available too.

A: Yes. You can set alerts of new reviews for each team member based on their area of responsibility e.g. brand, category, selected products, and retailers, etc. Besides that, our new review alerts can be set up by review rating, a keyword of interest, and other criteria.

A: In addition to email, Zendesk, Slack, Trello are the most common platforms FeedCheck is integrated with. For Zendesk, we are offering an advanced integration that allows your team to respond to customer reviews right from within Zendesk, without logging into FeedCheck.

A: Yes, you can respond to new reviews directly from FeedCheck without leaving our app. As an alternative, FeedCheck’s traditional link-based response feature is also available.

Yes, the entire review history will be available in your FeedCheck account from Day-1 and give you an overview of your customers’ feedback dynamic and insights over time, from the very first reviews until the most recent ones.

A: At this moment, we are supporting this selection of websites. We are continuously updating the list with new ones, as needed by our customers.

A: Getting started with FeedCheck is easy: just prepare your file of product links to aggregate reviews for and upload it to FeedCheck once you have received access to your account. FeedCheck is an easy-to-use self-service platform. As an alternative, we are also offering fully managed set-up services for our large to medium size customers.

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