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Slack integration


Slack is a platform for real-time messaging which brings all your communication together in one place. You can get notified when a new review appears on your team's Slack page.

In settings pannel of your account, you can easily integrate with our Slack bot.
Press "add to slack" and select the desired channel where to be notified by FeedCheck.
Create new alerts for Slack using custom rules. When a review meets your alert rule, this will be sent to your Slack channel by FeedCheck's bot. The bot has only permission to write new messages to channel.


Zendesk is a customer service software which makes communicating with customers easy and efficient. All new reviews will come as support tickets for your departments.

Set up your Zendesk credentials in settings pannel of FeedCheck. You will receive new reviews as Zendesk tickets based on your alert types in "Alerts" section.

Zendesk integration integration

Grow dashboard

Grow is the easiest way to connect your internal and external resources and display them to a single dashboard.

FeedCheck is already integrated with


Stay alerted on your email address anytime when a new review appears and react quickly to it.

You can define rules on "Alerts" section in FeedCheck account and be notified when new reviews appears.

Email alerts