How to manage customer reviews with FeedCheck

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According to our customers, FeedCheck is a super intuitive platform to work with for managing your reviews. However, if you have a mid-sized to a large team of users and need to make sure everyone’s questions, even the minor ones, are answered in due time and as easy as possible, here is a fully self-service guide on how to use FeedCheck and where and how the platform can help everyone navigate through it and manage their reviews.

So, let’s get started with the key “How To” topics! Alternatively, if the video works better for you, please watch the “How To” videos (coming soon!).

Add/Modify/Delete a product or location

1.1. Adding New Products or Locations

Go to the Products (or Locations) menu in FeedCheck Once you’re there, you have 2 options of how to add new products (or locations) to FeedCheck:

Add them manually, one by one, by entering the required fields in the “Add product” section:

  • Product (or Location) name: the name should have less than 500 characters
  • Owner: select from the list My Product (or Location) or Competitor
  • Product (or Location) link: this refers to the review website or eCommerce site product (or location) link. More information about the link structure for different websites can be found here.

Import them from an Excel file in the “Excel file upload” section:

There are different ways in which you can prepare an import file, depending on what is easier and practical for you. Below, we are mentioning the most usual two examples: Use one single file for all your links across all websites and upload everything at once. Use separate files by the website. In case you need or want to prepare the input data gradually and organize it by website, then this is the best way to prepare your upload files.

Regardless of the preferred approach, the upload file needs to have the following (very simple) structure:

Column 1: Products (or Locations, by case). This refers to the names of your products (or locations) that you want to see in FeedCheck.
Column 2: Links. This refers to the actual links of your products (or locations) to the review websites or eCommerce marketplaces. For the rest of the additional columns, the header can be empty - no name needed!

All newly added products (or locations) will appear at the bottom of the Products (or Locations) page with their total number of links.

1.2. Modifying New Products or Locations

For each product in FeedCheck you can modify: their names, the links associated, the ownership.

For that, follow the next steps:

  1. Go to Products tab / Products section
  2. Go to the product that you want to modify. You can search for it or just scroll down through the product list
  3. press “Manage”
  4. Now you can correct or replace the current name of your product with a new name, and/or add or remove any or all of the associated links
  5. You can also correct or change the ownership of a product, as needed

1.3. Deleting New Products or Locations

You can delete one product at a time or multiple products, as needed, with the following steps:

  1. Go to the Products tab menu / Products section
  2. Search for the product you want to delete by using the “What you’re looking for” feature or by simply scrolling down through the product list
  3. Select the product(s) you want to delete
  4. Press “Delete” on the right side.

Reply to Product/Location Reviews

Replying to reviews is possible only for those eCommerce or review websites that allow that. There are multiple ways in which one can reply to a review, depending on the review website:

2.1. Replying to Reviews using the Review Reply Link

This is possible for a series of websites such as Amazon, Trip Advisor, and a few more, where, from FeedCheck, you are redirected right to the review you want to reply to:

  1. Go to the Reviews menu tab
  2. Select the reviews you want to read and reply to using the filters on the upper side of the window
  3. Click the Reply icon -> from here you are redirected to your review on the external website where you can reply, provided that you are logged in to the review website

In the case of other review websites, such as Google is, you are redirected to the respective website’s reviews section. There you need to sort the reviews by the most recent ones.

2.2. Replying to Reviews from within FeedCheck (FeedCheck - 3rd eCommerce websites direct integration)

Replying to reviews without leaving the FeedCheck platform is currently possible only for the Amazon marketplaces with the help of the FeedCheck - Amazon integration. Once the integration has been set up, you can reply to your reviews by following the next steps:

  1. Go to the Reviews section
  2. Choose the review you want to respond to
  3. Write your response by clicking on “Add note”
  4. Click “Send as a reply”. The response will be shown on the marketplace website in about 10 minutes after that.