Connecting brands to their product ratings & reviews
across any marketplace

FeedCheck brings customer feedback from online stores
right into your boardroom. It’s quick & easy.

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Insights discovery &
rich reporting

Get the full picture of all your and competitor reviews with data & text analysis that do the work for you

Alerts & quick replies to customer reviews

Join customer conversations on time thanks to alerts that notify you on new incoming reviews and questions

A lively platform
for all your teams

Enable everyone’s work across all organizational layers with the right reviews tool - from R&D to marketing, sales, customer support and manufacturing

Reviews dashboard

Complete Overview

Reviews are important and your customers know this. While many products are sold online, reviews come daily. Your sales are influenced directly by reviews, you must monitor them.
Monitoring reviews helps you have a complete overview of the consumers and a direct perception of your product.

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Review analytics

Review analytics

Customer reviews hide valuable insights. FeedCheck helps you to discover what customers talk about, what makes them happy and what bothers them.

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Review alerts

Insightful sentiment scores

We measure the sentiment for every product feature in order to give you the best actionable insight. For service businesses we measure specific characteristics (e.g. cleanliness, stuff, taste)

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Review alerts

Customizable alerts

If you don’t know when a bad review appears on the Internet you can’t respond. If you aggregate all reviews and you have alerts when a new review appears, you can decide if an intervention is required. Also, it’s very pleasant to give thanks for the good reviews
You can easily customize when and how to be alerted.

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Start collaboration with FeedCheck

Provide us a list of your desired products for tracking. We will help you along the way with setup and key drivers setup.

Consolidate customers' feedback

Obtain relevant consumer insights and industry benchmarks.

Grow brand's reputation and sales

Improve your brand perception and stay in touch with your customers.

Aggregate all your reviews

We collect all reviews from various channels.


We alert you when a new review is discovered.


We provide a rich analytics dashboard including general reports or specific reports by channel or product.

Useful integrations

You can take advantage by using smart integrations with Slack, ZenDesk and


We offer real time widgets with various analytics of your customer satisfaction.

Easy to respond

You can respond directly from our platform to your customers.

Monitor your reviews, now!

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