Your product reviews from any store into one scalable platform

Simplify your work: remove the burden of numerous sites navigation to
read, measure, understand and act on your customer feedback

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Go beyond the numbers. Decode your reviews content.

Customer care does not mean being nice when replying to reviews.
It means gaining perspective on how to solve problems your customers confront with.

FeedCheck brings light over reviews with advanced analysis enhanced by
machine learning and NLP

  • See what topics your customers care more about than others
  • Discover how features are perceived
  • Understand the context around hot key words
  • Get comparative views on own vs competitor products
  • Monitor sentiment trend changes
  • Access analysis by every rank and marketplace

Review key metrics instantly impact potential customers’ perceptions in online stores. But without understanding what made your products score those numbers, they leave an entire business in a black hole.

Online customer feedback is hard to take to the boardroom just by scrolling through reviews and tagging them unless you do that with consistency, resources and old times resilience.

Everyone needs answers to essential questions...

"What are customers amazed by when they leave 5 stars reviews?"
"How do they use my product?"
"What worries them from the moment they open the box?"
"What do they dislike when ranks go lower?"
"What competing brands are mostly liked for?"

...and the questions arsenal continues for brands that seek to:

  • discover problems customers face
  • understand new needs people express
  • improve products and design new ones
  • speak out relevant messages to the market