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Simplify your work: remove the burden of numerous sites navigation to
read, measure, understand and act on your customer feedback

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Set the stage for potential customers by acting on your key review indicators

Total number of reviews

Track how many customers have shared their experience using your products until today.

Rapidly spot the champion and less reviewed products across various e-tailers and connect this data to the broader business and market context to make your decisions right.

Competitor review analytics

Find out how your products position in the marketplace relative to your relevant group of competitors.

Consult FeedCheck charts for review volumes, average ranks and frequently referred attributes across competitors in your online marketplace.

Average review ranks

Experienced online sellers know how critical it is to maintain their average review ranks above certain levels to boost their sales in the online marketplace.

Keep your average ranks above the key levels that help your business grow by finding out, understanding and acting on what satisfies your customers.

Review time series

Get an overview on your reviews and average ranks on various timeframes and decide which is most suitable for your product and business to keep an eye on.

From daily, weekly and monthly to yearly data, you get the granularity level that has meaning for you.

Incoming new reviews flow

New review entries show potential customers how actual your product still is among people’s choices.

Keep an eye on your new reviews flow from time to time and take action before low levels impact your sales.

Competitor brand reference

Customers often review your products by comparison with your competitor ones that they used before or are still using today.

Discover the contexts in which comparisons occur and how positive or negative their sentiment is about competitor products.