Who is FeedCheck?

Who is FeedCheck?

We want to give you and your business the greatest knowledge available when it comes to blog material and writing so that you can recognize the power of your customers. How customer reviews can help, how review aggregation functions, and marketing strategies overall.

We intend to maintain our commitment to providing our blog to everyone who needs it. Everyone who wants to increase their knowledge of their market and improve their customer experience. We have talked about a lot of things, yet it seems like something is still lacking. And that is a dedicated blog to FeedCheck. The purpose of FeedCheck. Well, if you’ve ever pondered this and have never used our services. FeedCheck will be the focus of this blog with insights of what we do, interesting facts and a demo account for you to try.

Who is FeedCheck?

Let’s travel back a few years to the time when FeedCheck was simply a concept. Everything began with a straightforward question from a man who was ordinarily managing his business. And that question was, “What if we could gather and keep track of all of our customer reviews in one location?” – History was written for us from this point forward.

The creator of FeedCheck, Adrian Balcan, has given this concept some attention and spent time and effort developing this project. As you can guess, this project was just getting started back then and had no name or a marketing strategy. The platform, the website, and every other element that a digital business needs have taken countless hours to develop. But when it was the time to make FeedCheck available to the general public once everything started to seem right it lacked a name. It was without a logo.

Coming from a place of creativity but yet hard work the name was born and the yellow star logo was created. The yellow star from the 5 star ranking system and the name from customer feedback that was turned into FeedCheck.

From a prototype, FeedCheck is now an actual product. It didn’t take long before we encountered our first clients. The platform then truly began to take shape and develop into what it is today. We have always paid attention to what our customers want. What specifically they are searching for when keeping track of client reviews, researching the competition, or boosting their internet reputation.

What do we do?

If we put the simple way, FeedCheck is a reputation management tool. If we go the long way, FeedCheck is a review monitoring system that is able to extract all customer reviews across any marketplace into one place. Beyond that, FeedCheck has added many other tools like sending alerts, monitoring customer reviews from your competition, measuring performance, advanced filters, Slack, Shopify, Amazon and many more integrations.

Three FeedCheck tools

It only makes sense to explore three tools within FeedCheck after talking about who we are, our history, and how FeedCheck came to be. It is important to note that there is already a blog post around this topic – 3 useful FeedCheck tools for review monitoring.

And it is only fair to discuss the other 3 examples since they can greatly aid in your comprehension of what we do. To learn more about how our filters came to be as they are now, be sure to read the blog post FeedCheck filters functionality journey: Three new features.

Custom reports

The Custom reports area is for you if you’re seeking for a tool that can perform tasks other than simply collecting reviews. You can build bespoke reports using the filters in this section, including products, time, marketplaces, ratings, and many more.

This feature was motivated by a series of questions that kept popping up in our heads. Soon after, we added this part and put that into practice.

The section report type has various versions, such like in the image below. After selecting the desired report type, press “run,” and your new report will appear. You can see a histogram report in this example, which displays the quantity of each star the product has earned.

In the second illustration, we have a Rank trend report that displays the product’s overall rank over a chosen period.

This tool is incredibly useful because it enables you to keep track of customer reviews while also receiving a thorough evaluation of your products or services. Keep in mind that FeedCheck is tailored to our clients’ needs. Even the demo accounts are customized till they seem just right for you.


There is no doubt that customers who want to use a product like FeedCheck have a variety of requirements. And one of them is to integrate FeedCheck with any additional solutions these businesses may be utilizing. If we don’t already have it, give us some time, and we’ll absolutely be able to deliver that.

Check out the link below to be taken to our page where we detail all of our current integrations.

FeedCheck integrations


One of FeedCheck’s more intriguing features may be the Widget area. The ability to insert specific reviews virtually everywhere makes this feature a fantastic marketing tool. It might be a stellar recommendation on your landing page or original material for your social media platforms. It’s important to realize that customer reviews are a fantastic way to enhance your reputation and increase sales.

There are two ways to customize widgets on their own. You have a choice of four types. Additionally, you have control over which product reviews are shown.

As our blog comes to an end, we hope that we were able to tell a little bit about our history and the origins and development of FeedCheck. We also hope we were able to share a few of FeedCheck’s capabilities and tools. So that both you and the business can determine whether we are a good fit for your needs and what we do. This adventure took a lot of time, energy, and work. But without our customers, we unquestionably would not be in this position. In this way, we’d like to express our gratitude to everyone who has used FeedCheck in the past or now does.