3 useful FeedCheck tools for review monitoring

Author: Maria Antal

Whether you are a small enterprise at the beginning of your journey or a big firm with hundreds of employees, it is important to understand what your consumers are looking for and how they value your brand. In 2022, consumers will appreciate brands that are honest and reliable while preferring organic purchasing over traditional and conventional brands.

Nowadays, getting access to information is easy and in most cases free. Businesses have to be aware of the fact that reviews and feedback are flooding the internet. These online consumer reviews can be found on social media platforms or reviews websites that can easily influence other potential clients. Thus, implementing a review management system in your business will help you understand better what your consumers’ sentiments are and monitor the activity of your competitors. 

A review management or a review monitoring app, like FeedCheck, that is specifically designed to connect brands to their product ratings across any marketplace, will assist your business in understanding your consumers’ insights. In this article, I’ll go through and explain three of FeedCheck’s features. This can also assist you in maintaining a clean image for your brand, as well as demonstrating how time-saving these features are.

Understanding your customer sentiments – the Key Drivers tool

Consumer behavior and sentiments differ significantly among products or services and demographic aspects like countries, gender or age. You can search for consumer attitudes in this situation by analyzing certain words reported in their reviews.

For this, navigate to the insights category and click on the key drivers icon in the FeedCheck app. This button will open a dashboard with the drivers you’ve selected. 

Diverse attitudes are mirrored in purchasing intentions across categories as well. Therefore, pick a few words to investigate and begin studying them. As you selected your words and used them in the sentiment key driver, the outcome will reveal how your customers feel about those precise words. Positive and negative measures are used to quantify these feelings.

If you’re a FeedCheck user, follow these simple steps:

Step.1 Go to Key drivers. 

Key drivers and features in Feedcheck for monitoring reviews

2. To get to the bottom of the page, scroll down. After that, add the word or words you’re analyzing in the ‘Keywords section’. When you click ‘Add,’ your new sentiment driver will appear.

How to use key driver sentiment

3. In this example, I’ve added the words in different drivers. This is how it should appear. You may also check how many people are talking about that particular word and how they feel. 

Keywords and their sentiments

Look at what your competitors are up to – the competitor category

When becoming a FeedCheck member, you may not only add and aggregate your reviews, but you can also learn what makes your competitors’ product or service better or worse based on customer feedback. 

Compare customer experiences across products, brands, and categories. Monitor rival reviews to remain ahead of the competition by broadening your expertise of varied consumer experiences and getting to know your industry better. 

In this case, go to your FeedCheck account and click the ‘Products’ icon. Add your competitor link and change the ownership label to competitor. You can now utilize all of the app’s functionality against your opponent.

Analyse what your competitors are doing in FeedCheck

Dealing with negative feedback is simple – the Topic Explorer feature

Negative reviews can be handled in such a way that they are less damaging especially in the long term. It’s also vital to remember that poor ratings might be beneficial. There is no such thing as a perfect business, and when you lack negative reviews, consumers may question your credibility, influencing their decision. Instead of deleting those negative reviews, perhaps you should address them in a way that your customer will appreciate.

You can utilize the FeedCheck function called ‘Topic explorer’ to find these negative reviews. Select the word that you believe best describes a negative review and write it in the search bar. You’ll now be able to see which phrases continue after that word and what consumers are saying. You can also see the phrase preceding your chosen word by selecting ‘prefix’. There is an option for both named ‘double’, which displays the entire sentence.

Now that you know what customers are saying in these negative reviews, you can manage them and respond appropriately. Making your brand appear trustworthy and relevant will help you gain credibility and raise awareness of negative responses. 

Finally, I hope these three examples have demonstrated the importance of consumer reviews and how simple it is to manage them using a review monitoring app. Every year, FeedCheck improves based on customer feedback. We value feedback and design our platform to meet the needs of our clients. Businesses cannot understand their customers’ needs and what aspects of their products or services can be improved without reviews. 

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