How to track amazon reviews?

Tuesday, September 13th, 2016
amazon reviews

Reviews are important and your customers know this. They are a form of social proof. The closest that reviews can get to a product is right on the product page, and for example, while many products are sold on Amazon many reviews are coming daily.

If you know the influence of these reviews you might want to monitor them. Monitoring reviews helps you have a complete overview of the consumers and a direct perception of your product. Also, monitoring brings you the ability to respond quickly when an undesired situation occurs.

Method 1: Manually

You can check the reviews for your product at a certain period and read the new ones but, if you have many products, this activity will become a headache.

Method 2: Automatically

FeedCheck brings to you the advantage of real time tracking the reviews.
You have alerts directly to your email or zendesk. You can also set the sensitivity of alert to get only important stuff and avoid to bombing your email with every review.

Another interesting advantage is that you can have an overview for many products. We aggregate multiple links (to your products) and we generate a complete overview.

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