How to monitor product reviews?

Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

This is a very interesting question for companies who have consumer products (such as electronic devices).
There are a lot of reviews in online shops which tell us increasingly more about the product quality than ever before. Also everyone knows that any bad review on a product page has an impact in online sales and this is the main reason for our question.

Before answering this question I want to clarify another one: Why would you monitor your product reviews?

After a bad review, a company reaction can have a positive effect as a customer care action. Customers are pleased when they communicate with someone from the company when they have problems. The company can also react publicly, in comment threads, therefor the¬†prospects can observe the company’s customer care actions.

The main problem is that often companies don’t know when a product has a bad review and can’t react quickly.

The hard way:

Lists… We use lists for a lot of things, and we can also use¬†them to solve this problem. So we can make a list with the web addresses where our product is sold. Periodically, someone from marketing/pr can check this list to detect potentially bad reviews.

The automatic detection:

Now we solve this problem by introducing alerts in our application. Now you know immediately when a bad review appears regarding your product!
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