3 Amazon Sellers That Should Consider a Professional Tool for Monitoring Their Reviews & Ratings

Thursday, September 13th, 2018


Find out if you’re among them!


Of course, every seller on Amazon should pay attention to their customer Reviews & Ratings. They’re No. 2 in importance after the sales rank and before any other factor that is contributing to your product rank in Amazon searches. Reviews & Ratings are other people’s confirmation or invalidation of how well your brand and products met your promise to them.

But when you should adopt a professional tool for keeping track of where and how customers take the word about your products and brand further in to the market – and recommend them or not – it depends on the stage of your business.

(1) You’re an Early Startup Seller 

The startup life of an eCommerce business is usually quite thorny.  And even more thornier it is when Amazon is not only a new sales channel for your established business but your first attempt to enter the entrepreneurial retail world.

In some cases it can also become lengthy unless you soon enough manage to find your low hanging fruit customers to help you with their buy-in and the very first reviews on your products.

That’s not an easy goal and it implies a series of creative tactics  – really creative, in the true meaning of the word, and nothing that would go against any of the Amazon terms (more about these tactis will be shared in the next article.)

At this stage of your business, your energy and efforts should be all concentrated on selling, ensuring genuine packaging service as long as it depends on you and generating reviews for your product.

As for managing your reviews at this moment, depending on your budget and the number of products your business is selling, you can either keep your eyes on your Amazon product review page(s) several times a day or you can hire a simple and easy to use online service that keeps you alerted on every new review your customers write and questions your potential customers raise. With a service like FeedCheck you can keep track of your new reviewers’ feedback right from your mobile phone either through email or sms or the FeedCheck platform itself.

(2) You’re a Growing Brand 

Now that you’ve added more products to your business and you’ve expanded to new online marketplaces, monitoring your reviews on a constant basis in order to ensure a good balance between the positive and the negative ones, thus a good review ranking, needs to become an ongoing practice.

(3) You’re an Enterprise Brand

At this size of a business, a rich portfolio of products sold online that generates a significant volume of reviews demands for more sophisticated and mature technology to manage all this customer feedback. By mature, I don’t necessarily mean ‘many years behind’ but demonstrating that it understands the ongoing daily challenges of sellers.

With an increased inflow of new reviews and questions on Amazon, one cannot possibly stay ON everytime a customer shares a feedback. Just try and follow all the steps that get you to the last review of each of your products or ASINs: it’s about your attention and time wasted in a huge number of click throughs.

This is where professional tools like FeedCheck take ON all these burden jobs so that you can deploy your energy on more creative aspects of your business.

Adopting such a tool is like getting a virtual assistant: it informs you about every new review and question right on your preferred communication channel be it email, slack, zendesk and even sms. Once notified, you can find all your new reviews and questions aggregated into one place designed in line with your brand structure and marketplaces. This is especially useful when you need to measure and understand customer feedback over time across multiple products, brands and categories relevant to your business.

Besides these, since you have all the data in one place and easily accessible, you can start digging in and combining quantitative and qualitative review analysis to discover and answer key questions about what makes your products great sellers or losers.

Regardless of the stage of your online business on Amazon but also other online stores across the globe, FeedCheck always remains a good solution that enables your work to the extent that that you need it to.