Marketing Agencies have a new tool to expand their offering: FeedCheck White-Label for eCommerce Product Review Aggregation and Analytics is here

Author: Alice Anghelea
whitelabel product review aggregation

If you’re a marketing agency working for consumer packaged goods brands, you must already have an arsenal of SaaS platforms enabling your services and offering your customers access under your branding.

Customer feedback may come in many ways but nowadays, product reviews from eCommerce stores are paving the way for both brands and new shoppers, helping the former manage PR crises and create better products that people need in their everyday lives, and the latter inform their purchasing decisions and what they spend their money on.

Product reviews are the most authentic and dynamic form of customer feedback that puts instant and constant pressure on brands as they are:

  • flowing in from verified customers every single day
  • shown publicly right at the online point of sale
  • read by thousands of potential shoppers every hour
  • more trustworthy than product descriptions
  • influencing first-time shoppers to choose one brand over another
  • influencing long-time shoppers to seek alternatives at the competition

Expand your services with the FeedCheck white-label platform and help brands learn from their product reviews

With so many agencies already using tools to listen to the market’s voices in the social media space (from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, to TikTok), bringing product reviews in front of your customers will make a noticeable difference in your service offering. Especially that, while product reviews are within reach for thousands of local shoppers daily, each of them picking up on what they need from the latest reviews, they are not that easily accessible by brands selling globally without the right tool and technology in place. 

Selling thousands or even tens of products across various eCommerce stores in different markets makes it difficult to stay updated on the trending topics consumers are commenting about.

Google My Business does a great job of generating reviews that capture consumer experiences with the business as a whole, from purchasing to shipping and customer support services while eCommerce marketplaces, from the most popular ones – Amazon – and continuing to general and industry specialized ones across the globe – are invaluable platforms that give voice to consumers to share the most painful but also satisfying details about products.

Staying on track of all these channels’ latest reviews helps brands discover:

  • product flaws,
  • causes for consumer dissatisfaction,
  • and critical aspects that may have legal implications for the company. 

Here’s where your agency can benefit from a ready-made and functioning platform that has already tested the deep waters of the eCommerce review space and is used today by large global brands from various domains: electronics, smart devices, home appliances, pet care, baby care, and so on, to stay capture key insights from their product reviews.

Customize our product review aggregation platform and make it your own

FeedCheck Whitelabel allows you to make the necessary customizations so that it operates under your domain and brand name. Thus, you can change:

  • The Logo: you can add your company’s logo in the format you need
  • Colors: change colors according to your brand book
  • Customer Login on Your Domain: your customers will see your company’s domain in the platform’s URL
  • and even hide some pages from the app

All these changes take little time and you can offer your customers access to invaluable product review data without spending time creating and developing a dedicated platform for that.

Onboard your first customer in 4 easy steps

Product reviews are real gold nuggets for any brand that wants to make its mark in the world. Aggregating them from relevant eCommerce sites from your customers’ key markets will add even more value to the content and ensure a comprehensive base for your analysis.

Here are 4 easy steps to follow before you and your customer are ready to roll:

  1. Decide which eCommerce sites you want to include in your product review monitoring and analysis
  2. Select the products you need to scrutinize and normalize their names across all marketplaces
  3. Consider competitors that will help you understand your position within the market from a consumer reviews perspective
  4. Prepare your product links file and upload it to FeedCheck.

Once these steps have been completed, your products’ past reviews will start appearing on the platform.

Now, for the first time, your customer can view how its brands and products are seen by consumers across all retailers, which products perform better than others, and more importantly, why.


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