How to navigate through your Product Reviews – the easiest & fastest way

Friday, January 24th, 2020

Do you have rich product listings?

Are they displayed in many online stores?

Different brands, product categories, and assortments?

If so, then how do you navigate through all the valuable customer feedback with ease and quickly so that reviews & ratings make sense to you?


Many consumer brands that ask for our help to aggregate, monitor and analyze their reviews, wish they tracked them in all relevant marketplaces in their geographies. Most of them need to keep their eyes on their own products’ reviews and sometimes expand their interest in what their competitors’ customers talk about as well. But there are also consumer brands that have a different need to fulfill: monitoring and analyzing the reviews of all the products that are manufactured and sold under their brand name by their 3rd party licensees.

In the latter case, their product listings can be so complex as they cover lots of diverse product categories such as toys, batteries, socks, sports apparel, workwear … you name it. The variety can be huge!

Managing and going through all the content in a way that helps them keep track of and work with data that they understand becomes a serious concern.

On one hand, they need to know their numbers well – the number of reviews and average ratings.

On another hand, they need to easily get to the review content behind the numbers.


Using to monitor and analyze their product reviews helps them get full transparency over the data: every single number displayed by FeedCheck is so easily verifiable and linked to the rest of the aggregated content. Thus, they are able to:

  • gain confidence in the way they are managing the data
  • relieve their staff from the awful work of manually collecting product reviews and ratings, and reporting over that data
  • monitor reviews & ratings across various markets/store channels and products while being able to aggregate the data by their business-specific criteria – some may need to look at the individual products only, others look at the whole brand or the entire category.

Below you can view 3 examples of how FeedCheck data is linked to each other and how simple it is to navigate through it and get what you need:


1)Navigate your eCommerce reviews by store-channel:

Take a look at the reviews available on each store platform and check the total number of reviews and changes over time:


2)Navigate your eCommerce reviews by product:

You may also need to to look at your reviews in an aggregated manner, across all stores where they are available, and understand what is the general customer feedback shown by their average ratings:


3)Navigate your eCommerce reviews by group (i.e. brand, category):

Another way to look at your reviews is to measure them across each of your brands and see which ones drive more positive feedback:

If you find yourself in any of the above situations, you might want to check out how can simplify your work and help you get your job done.

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