How hospitality businesses are embracing FeedCheck to manage their business performance

Author: Maria Antal

Like any other industry, the hospitality industry relies heavily on its clients. It also involves a lot of work and management, including daily administration, operational tasks, and maintaining business relationships. However, at the end of the day, your most important person is your client. And what your client says about your business is crucial. 

Your business does not want to receive negative feedback or miss out on opportunities that could improve your performance. Consumers have enormous influence over your business and publishing a review can have a significant impact. Let’s not forget about the fact that new customers are influenced by already existing reviews. In this article, you will find how hospitality businesses are embracing the FeedCheck platform in order to integrate their reviews into their business models and how they are aggregating reviews. 

The hospitality environment is all about treating your clients with generosity and friendly treatment while they are benefiting from your services and products. In other words, you will be receiving many reviews that give you the opportunity to grow and perfect your business. Receiving many reviews can be overwhelming and might feel like a lot of work. But thanks to FeedCheck review management became a lot easier. You have all reviews in one place. 

Feedback at the touch of a button

In a recent interview with one of our clients, they told us how important it is to receive reviews and how they extract data and conduct analysis based on their customers. The Cornish Bakery, with over 40 locations across the United Kingdom, is working around its customers – a people-first type of business. Their business model is to serve delicious food in a clean and comfortable environment. Before working with FeedCheck, they dealt with a lot of spreadsheets and documents that were overwhelming and hard to keep track of. Now, monitoring their reviews within our platform allowed them to gather that feedback at a touch of a button. Especially with the pandemic context, collecting reviews over the last 12 months was an important criterion to them. 

FeedCheck and business competitors

It’s also crucial to consider your competitive segment. Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing if you want your company to thrive and stay on top of the game. Businesses in the same market that are similar or serve the same products or services are the ones to keep an eye on. Aside from the useful review metrics, FeedCheck also allows you to keep track of your competitors. To each product category, the majority of our clients add a competitor or a similar company. While doing so, you can analyze the segment where they are performing the best and where they are lacking attention. Use that data to benchmark location by location, product by product, or company by company and stay ahead of the competitors.

How to monitor reviews and benchmark against competitors.

Different departments can use FeedCheck

When it comes to our clients, FeedCheck is extremely flexible. We consider your needs when creating your account and tailor the platform to you. Different departments at the Cornish Bakery have access to our review monitoring app. In this case, every department has already used FeedCheck. For example, they are interested in what customers are saying about their prices, food, and service. When the company wants to change something on its menu, they first consult with its customers. Setting a key driver around their term coffee has been a very useful tool. A key driver is a characteristic of a product or a service that has an impact on your customer experience. A key driver, for example, could be size or material if you are selling clothing.

In other words, no decision is taken before consulting the FeedCheck app and their product review analytics. 

What gets measured, gets done!

Managing your business performance requires learning more about your business model and keeping track of various measures that might help you better understand your company. A specific set of key drivers would drive your business forward. While you can measure your employees and their competence in a specific area, you can also measure your overall business success. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is the metric that says a lot about your customer satisfaction and how loyal they are. Your FeedCheck membership includes this metric for free. 

Net Promoter Score

One of our hospitality clients combines the NPS and Google score in order to benchmark their performance. Customers automatically notice these reviews because they are open to the public. 

Tracking your business performance allows you to understand the state of the business and how effective it should be. It also gives you the chance to highlight all of your successful projects, as well as work to develop and empower staff on a proactive basis. 

Checking regularly on your business performance management prevents you from becoming defensive and dealing with issues that could further lead to a major impact on your business. Some of these include low engagement, workplace disputes, or customer complaints. If we could provide you with 3 easy and simple steps it would sound like this:

3 steps to monitor your business performance