FeedCheck updates: Amazon ratings, Jira integration & more

FeedCheck updates: Amazon ratings, Jira integration & more

Since we published our last FeedCheck update article, a lot has happened. This time, we have even more interesting news, improvements, and integrations so that using our platform will be a seamless experience for you. As I’ve previously stated, we place a high value on customer feedback. Without them, FeedCheck would not exist as it does today. We use client feedback to improve and continuously outperform the competition.

We frequently discuss how client feedback is an essential component of a business and how it may enhance your service or product. We are the ones that acted and listened today. I’m going to give you the most recent news, updates, and integrations in this article. 

Amazon ratings

FeedCheck updates: Amazon ratings, Jira integration & more
Amazon ratings or customer reviews? BOTH!

Amazon ratings are now available in FeedCheck. A ratings column will be shown in the “By product” report while you are tracking your reviews and evaluating products. On this page, you can examine the overall rating as well as each sort of review you have gotten for a particular item or location. We have developed this feature in response to customer demand since we receive suggestions and feedback from them frequently.

FeedCheck updates: Amazon ratings, Jira integration & more

Ratings have the meaning that some users will only provide a rating in the form of 1–5 stars score rather than a review or text feedback.

Shopify review plug-in 

Through our new integration with Shopify you can now add a review form on Shopify that your clients can submit right on the product page. Afterward, it will be added automatically to FeedCheck. No worries about transferring it yourself! 

FeedCheck also provides other types of review widgets that can be added to your business website. 

Tip! Use customer reviews on your landing page to build trust and customer attention. 

FeedCheck updates: Amazon ratings, Jira integration & more

Jira integration

Our most recent integration with Jira enables you to send tickets directly, allowing your team to respond quickly to any problems, negative reviews, or product complaints.

Jira is one of the most well-known and widely used software tools by businesses to assist teams of all kinds in managing their workloads. Jira is also used for bug tracking and reporting. In this manner, employees can collaborate concurrently to tackle any issue that may arise.



If the name “FastCompete” is not well known to you, allow me to share some wonderful news with you. To address the problems of changes in a competitor website, FeedCheck and its software developers have created a new product called FastCompete. A series of automatic tools included with FastCompete will immediately alert you to any changes made to a website. Simply insert the website’s URL of a rival and unwind while any changes take place. Try here.

Being the greatest in your industry is not an easy thing to attain, thus competition is another important topic we want to cover in our articles. While you might be having trouble coming up with the best marketing ideas, your rivals have already crossed that off their to-do checklist. With FastCompete, stay one step ahead of the competition!

Affiliate program 

We are currently working on implementing the best affiliate program out there yet. We want you to join us in our goal of continuously expanding. Growing independently is not an option for us because we place a high value on collaboration and our customers. By promoting integrity, we hope to bring out the best in people.

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FeedCheck updates: Amazon ratings, Jira integration & more

Becoming a better business means listening to our customers and to our feedback. In this manner, FeedCheck is able to create and offer the ultimate reputation management platform. Nobody is perfect and has all the answers. A culture of humility and constant learning is a crucial component of successful businesses. Remember that criticism is constructive!