Interview Chesnea Lynn

Experts in Spotlight: Chesnea Lynn​ – Founder

Tell us about yourself and your business. How did you get started?

My name is Chesnea Lynn, I am the founder of Looking Glass Consulting & Digital Marketing. I have over 15 years of experience in the marketing industry, working with agencies and in-house marketing departments. As I worked with different companies, I recognized the need to prioritize the client’s best interests and deliver high-quality work without compromise. While we serve businesses of all sizes, I have a special passion for working with small businesses that are striving to establish a solid online foundation where I get to be a part of their growth and success. I hold certifications in Google Ads, Google Analytics, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and prompt engineering. With my extensive expertise and time-tested strategies, I empower businesses to flourish within the digital realm.

Looking Glass Consulting and Digital Marketing was formed from my desire to create a marketing company that aligned with my values. The name reflects the belief that our clients’ success is a reflection of our own success. Our mission is to empower businesses with comprehensive digital strategies and insights that deliver measurable results while maintaining transparency and honesty. We offer a range of services, including website design and management, paid advertising management, search engine optimization, content writing, email marketing, Google platform management, and audits. Whether businesses require a complete marketing package or individual services, we strive to meet their unique needs. Additionally, we provide white-labeled services to marketing agencies, ensuring they can offer exceptional quality to their clients.

What is your background, and what makes your job role special?

My journey into the world of marketing had humble beginnings. I started at the ground level, meticulously cutting samples and assembling marketing folders with hot glue. I seized this opportunity as a valuable learning experience. I immersed myself in acquiring knowledge, eagerly listening to those more knowledgeable than myself, staying abreast of industry trends, and gaining insights into the future direction of marketing.

Within two years, I found myself entrusted with the responsibility of content creation for a multi-million dollar company’s website, Google platforms, paid advertising, and social media. By year four, I had taken on the role of CEO for a sister company, where I wore many hats, including planning, design, customer service, user experience, social media, and SEO. This experience provided me with an incredible opportunity for continuous growth and learning within the marketing industry, a field that truly resonated with me.

During this time, I made a deliberate choice to pursue certifications in various marketing domains, encompassing paid advertising, analytics, SEO, and social media. These certifications solidified my expertise and propelled me to venture into working with clients in diverse industries. Collaborating closely with these clients and witnessing the tangible impact of my efforts in helping them build their businesses brought me immense satisfaction.

However, as time passed, I began to observe practices within the company that misaligned with my values and the way I wished to conduct business. I made a pivotal decision to step away and embark on the journey of building my own company, determined to uphold my principles and create an environment where ethical and effective marketing strategies thrive.

What is a typical day at work like? List a few of your activities and the tools you use. 

My workday is characterized by versatility, adaptability, and effective communication. In a typical workday, I engage in a diverse range of activities and projects. I seamlessly transition between various tasks, such as developing captivating ad campaigns, designing innovative websites, crafting compelling content, and delving into analytics accounts. The specific platforms I utilize depend on the nature of the work at hand, but I frequently rely on tools like SEMrush, DemandJump, Meta Ads, Google Ads, Airtable, Brevo, WordPress, and Shopify as part of my daily routine.

Maintaining open lines of communication with clients is paramount in my daily workflow. I prioritize responding to emails and ensuring that clients receive timely acknowledgments. I understand the importance of effective client engagement and recognize that even a simple response can go a long way in nurturing strong and collaborative partnerships.

Who among your role models has influenced you most?

My parents are my ultimate role models, serving as a tremendous influence on my life and values. Despite humble beginnings, they fearlessly embarked on their own entrepreneurial journey and built a successful company. They encountered various challenges along the way, including a devastating fire that destroyed their business. However, their unwavering determination and resilience allowed them to rebuild and thrive, now celebrating nearly six decades in the industry. Their work ethic, dedication, and commitment to treating employees and affiliates with respect have deeply shaped my own approach to business and life.

Through their example, I have learned the power of perseverance, the importance of fostering genuine relationships, and the value of hard work. Their journey continues to inspire me as I navigate my own entrepreneurial path. My parents have shown me that with unwavering belief, relentless effort, and a commitment to excellence, any goal can be achieved. They remain a constant reminder that obstacles can be overcome, and success is attainable through determination and integrity.

What one value does your company prioritize above all others?

We hold a range of core values that guide our work. However, one value that holds the utmost significance for both us and our clients is honesty. We firmly believe in cultivating an environment of transparency and open communication.

For us, honesty means being genuinely upfront and forthright about our clients’ needs. We strive to clearly assess whether we have the capacity to fulfill those needs and provide the desired outcomes. If we determine that we are the right fit for the task at hand, we proceed with integrity and dedication.

Equally important, we are committed to helping our clients maintain realistic expectations. We understand the importance of setting achievable goals and managing expectations accordingly. By offering sincere guidance and advice, we ensure that our clients have a clear understanding of the potential outcomes and the steps required to achieve them.

Our commitment extends to fostering a mutually satisfying partnership. We want our clients to be genuinely happy with their experience of working with us, while also ensuring that we take pride in the work we provide. By upholding our values, we create an environment built on trust and respect, where both our clients and our team find fulfillment.

Ultimately, our dedication to our values serves as a compass, guiding our actions and decisions. We firmly believe that an honest and transparent approach is crucial in fostering long-term, successful collaborations that deliver meaningful results.

What qualities must a person possess if they want to succeed in this role?

In the dynamic and competitive marketing industry of today, success can indeed be challenging to achieve. However, by embracing certain qualities and approaches, you can pave the way for your own triumph.

Finding success in marketing requires several essential qualities. Firstly, having a willingness to learn is crucial. Embrace a mindset of continuous learning and understand that expertise takes time to acquire. Embrace the learning curve, actively seek opportunities to expand your understanding of various marketing disciplines, and be patient with yourself throughout the process.

Secondly, it’s important to maintain realistic expectations. Avoid setting unrealistic goals of immediate high demand or top-dollar job offers. Success in marketing is built upon a foundation of knowledge, skills, and experience. Be prepared to work hard, demonstrate your capabilities, and gradually earn recognition in the field.

Thirdly, pursue knowledge relentlessly. Dedicate yourself to ongoing learning and growth. Whether you aim to have a broad knowledge base spanning various marketing services or specialize in a specific niche, the options are limitless. Seek out reputable programs that offer certifications, follow industry leaders, read insightful articles, gain hands-on experience by working with platforms, and find a mentor who can guide and inspire you.

Additionally, cultivate perseverance and self-belief. Believe in your abilities and trust that you have what it takes to succeed. Develop resilience to overcome challenges and setbacks, staying focused on your goals even when faced with obstacles or doubters along the way. Remember, success is a personal journey, and you should not let others define it for you. Don’t allow anyone to deter you from pursuing your dreams and achieving your goals.

With dedication, a thirst for knowledge, and unwavering self-belief, you possess the power to forge your own path and prove your capabilities. Embrace these qualities and embark on your marketing journey with confidence and determination.

What are the biggest challenges that someone in this position would face?

When starting out in digital marketing, one of the biggest challenges I’ve noticed is the expectation to be a “jack of all trades.” Nowadays, businesses are seeking professionals who possess a diverse skill set. While it’s fantastic to excel in one specific marketing channel, it’s no longer sufficient. The industry demands a broader knowledge base and the ability to navigate multiple platforms and strategies. This can be daunting at first, as it requires continuous learning and staying up to date with the ever-evolving digital landscape. 

In addition, an overly saturated market poses another challenge that many people in the industry face. With an influx of individuals from all over the world now able to apply for the same job positions, the competition has become fierce. For business owners, it can be challenging to distinguish qualified applicants from those who may not possess the necessary qualifications. On the other hand, for applicants, standing out in a crowded job market, especially for recent graduates, can be extremely tough. The pressure to differentiate oneself and showcase unique skills and experiences is high. It requires strategic planning, a strong personal brand, and a proactive approach to networking and gaining relevant experience to increase the chances of getting hired.

What are the biggest challenges of owning a digital marketing company?

Being at the helm of a marketing company presents its fair share of challenges. Foremost among these is the task of acquiring clients. I feel it is important to acknowledge that building a client base takes time and effort. Patience is key, as not every potential lead will choose to work with you, and that’s perfectly alright. It’s essential to persist, put in the necessary work, and maintain a positive outlook as you navigate the process of attracting and securing clients.

Another significant challenge as a business owner is managing finances. Taking charge of your company’s financial health is vital. Learning how to maintain a balanced budget and avoid overextending your resources is crucial. It’s essential to exercise prudence and refrain from consistently spending beyond your means. Falling into the trap of relying on unavailable funds can lead to a difficult-to-reverse cycle of financial strain. It’s imperative to prioritize financial responsibility and ensure that you stay “in the green.”

I believe it is crucial to stay true to yourself throughout your entrepreneurial journey. It can be tempting to compromise values or invest an excessive amount of time in the pursuit of success. However, I firmly believe that true fulfillment stems from aligning actions with core principles and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. By prioritizing authenticity and personal well-being, I am able to lead the business in a manner that is both meaningful and sustainable.

How has owning your own company shifted your life?

Owning my own business has brought about a transformative shift in my life. It has not only provided me with a sense of fulfillment but also a newfound freedom that I cherish. The ability to shape my own path and make decisions according to my own values and aspirations has been incredibly empowering.

One of the most rewarding aspects of running my own business is the opportunity to work with clients who align with my values and share a similar desire for success. Being able to choose the clients I work with has made every day enjoyable and purposeful. It brings me great satisfaction to collaborate with individuals and organizations that genuinely appreciate and resonate with the work I do.

Un-tethering myself from the traditional work environment has given me the flexibility to structure my work-life balance, ending the notorious burn-out that usually comes from a career in marketing.

Do you have a motto that guides you in life?

As I navigate through life, I am guided by a motto that serves as a compass for my actions and choices: “Be true to yourself and be kind!” It is a motto that keeps me grounded, authentic, and attuned to the inherent goodness that lies within each of us. In a world where external influences and societal pressures can easily sway us, it is crucial to stay grounded in our own authenticity. I firmly believe in moving at my own pace, forming my own opinions, and cultivating my own happiness. Treating others with empathy, compassion, and respect is not only a fundamental aspect of being human but also a source of positive energy and meaningful connections.

How can someone get in touch with you?

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I am always excited to meet new people and companies, if you would like to connect please reach out! You can find me on Facebook at Looking Glass Consulting and Digital Marketing, on linkedIn, and on alignable. If you would like help with your marketing check out our website, schedule a free consultation, or send us an email.