Challenged by How You Manage Amazon Questions and Product Reviews in a Multi-Marketplace? Here’s a Better Alternative

Author: Alice Anghelea

What helped eCommerce businesses get from point A to point B on their growth path won’t often help them move to point C. That is true for many growing consumer brands expanding across Amazon marketplaces in different countries and beyond the popular Amazon space.

Distributed customer support global teams, product development teams, marketing teams  – all come to a point where the tools and services they have been using to manage their questions and product reviews prove their inefficiency for further growth.

They became obsolete, and more often than not, that is due to the deliberate negligence of some vendors in this space that choose to focus on other eCommerce needs than how to help global teams efficiently manage their questions and product reviews. That shows it’s time to look for better ways of doing this.

Here are just a few key optimizations our customers were looking for when they came to us, and you might too:

1. Amazon marketplace coverage – and how you can fix it

You have made a long way to a rich Amazon presence in your most important markets. As Amazon is opening its doors in new countries, you also want to follow the course and get closer to your customers by being present in their home bases. But your current vendors can’t follow you – they are only supporting Amazon’s mainstream channels (from the US down the road to the UK and Western Europe) and have no intention to offer you more, to your dismay.

What many consumer brands may not always know is that Amazon is just not the same everywhere! New countries mean new Amazon eCommerce sites.

Each Amazon site is different, even if not visible to the common eye, in how Product Detailed Pages (PDP) are presented, including reviews and questions. Therefore, each Amazon marketplace requires a custom integration.

In this complex landscape, not every vendor of eCommerce tools cares for keeping pace with Amazon’s new market entries over time. That leaves you uncovered and with no support.

A full Amazon marketplace coverage is available at, including the newest ones in Poland and the Nordics:

Now, you can leave behind whatever tools do not work for you and stay on top of your new reviews and questions everywhere Amazon goes.

2. A better way to answer Amazon’s customer questions, improve PDPs, and save your team’s time

Customer support teams across continents answer questions coming in daily from multiple Amazon marketplaces, providing technical support to potential shoppers and customers. 

Hundreds of questions in over ten languages every month might be a lot, and if we look into the process many consumer brands are following through to answer them, we see so many lengthy steps. 

With their current tools, they do not have even the slightest chance of improving the situation. Here’s an example of the routine one of our customers religiously followed just before getting help from FeedCheck:

  • Receiving Amazon questions by email from Amazon, and also from their vendor
  • Copying and pasting questions to Excel 
  • Translating questions one by one using different tools
  • Preparing answers to questions in English
  • Sending translated questions, and answers, to an external team for translation proof and translation of answers
  • Receiving everything back 
  • Finally, posting the answers on each Amazon marketplace.

You can avoid all this hassle with the right tool in place. 

A better way of doing this is to:

  • receive all questions ready translated into FeedCheck, including their original version.
  • and if you still need to share them with people from outside your company, then you export your CSV file of questions in a second. All filtered by your needs.

Saving teams’ time from insipid activities leaves room for something better and shortens the response time to Amazon questions.

Customer questions are also a good indicator of how straightforward your PDP content is. 

Questions that repeatedly address the same topic should direct you to revisit your PDP and other sources of information, like your website, that your shoppers and customers are visiting before or after purchasing your products from Amazon. There may be cases when people get their information from other primary sources, then leave a question on Amazon without (carefully) reading your PDP.

3. Insights from reviews for your product development team

Product reviews are a way to assess how your products are doing over time. They are also the most immediate source of insights generated from various experiences customers around the globe have had after they purchased your product.

Insights from product reviews can highlight a variety of aspects, such as:

  • Issues customers had with different features of a product
  • Expectations on how the product should work, sound, feel, look and so on
  • Satisfactions with the very same aspects
  • Confusions due to purchasing the wrong product version they didn’t need
  • New needs your team has not thought of before
  • Delicate cases that may require your legal team to step in.

FeedCheck supports product development teams to uncover all these and remove challenges with the direction in which a product is heading to.

4. Understand competitors through their customers’ reviews

There are still quite many eCommerce businesses that have not looked yet into their competitors’ product reviews to see how conversations are happening there about products within the same categories.

Many of them ask us how that is possible and what we need from them to aggregate competitor reviews and reveal similar types of insights for their own products.

Monitoring competitor reviews has never been simpler than FeedCheck can do it. When they see that, their project scope doubles in size, and their competitors are often a more significant part of it.

When one of our customers has seen the aggregated data, he exclaimed:

“So, guys, do we realize that this is the first time ever when we see our review data about our products and competitors in one place? This is a historic moment.”

Chief Information Officer of a leading innovator of security & architectural hardware, lighting & automotive accessory products, a FeedCheck customer

5. Customer support in the Amazon product reviews space

Low-priced tools and services, especially for hundreds and thousands of products, lack almost entirely support services, or if any, they are penniless. 

Asking a question to your provider often leaves you waiting indefinitely. During all this time, your teams need to know:

  • what options do they have when they are launching on new Amazon markets 
  • how could they simplify and improve their day-to-day activity around questions and reviews
  • whether they could look into competitors’ product reviews and how 
  • or why the reviews and questions are not in for a while now,

as we have heard from companies that reach out to us.

At FeedCheck, we believe we are living in an era of personalization and customization.

Nowadays, we all need to learn together, especially in this new and fast-changing eCommerce environment. Our approach is to stay receptive to our customer needs right from the ‘real field’.

It is incredible how happy customers are when they hear an actual human is connecting with them by email, on a phone call, or in a virtual meeting, and they can get clarity fast on how their needs can be met.

If you’ve been in the eCommerce space long enough to grow across many markets and are now stuck with a tool that helped you go so far, but it’s not the right companion for the future anymore, we are eager to hear from you!

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