4 Key Product Review Monitoring Questions (and How to Answer Them)

Author: Maria Antal
4 Key Product Review Monitoring Questions (and How to Answer Them)

Everyone is aware that first impressions count. People only have a few seconds to leave a positive impression and build their trust. Most online customers do check reviews before purchasing a product from your website. Online reputation is as important as offline or any other type. Viewers generate opinions about you in less than a second, which is much faster than they do about you in person. These virtual judgments make up your internet reputation, an impression of your company that may build or destroy it and defines its success. 

Virtual word of mouth exists and has a significant impact on your business image in this ever evolving internet era. One of the most crucial encounters you will have with audiences will be through customer reviews, which will enable you to evaluate the success of your company.

Therefore, there are many reasons to start review monitoring, advantages and the procedure does not need to be complicated at all. Monitoring is helping you in maintaining a touch on the online discussion around your company and implementing effective customer service techniques. Also, it’s enhancing and streamlining your business.

The aim of this article is to tackle the audience that is considering or just starting in this process of monitoring reviews. Perhaps, you were wondering why you should start, or what are the advantages? And these are really great questions to start with because it gives you the whole spectrum of what this process means. Once you get ahead of what reviews can bring to your business, you will find it easy to do so. 

The first question that you probably asked yourself was why? Why should I start monitoring my reviews? 

There are several ways to respond to this question that will help in your understanding. First, you will notice how favorable reviews are promoting your company. Remember the less than one second impression? This is where your positive reviews come in handy and will bring you more revenues. Secondly, You can clearly see what your customers think about your products and what may be made better. Sizing, material, and quality are topics that customers discuss frequently. This can make your manufacturing versions better in the future. Third, by responding accordingly to negative reviews can ameliorate customer dissatisfaction.

After that the why question, comes the what question. What review data should I be looking at?

Because you don’t know what to do with all this new information, you could initially feel overwhelmed. You need to know which metrics work for your business once you’ve begun to aggregate your reviews. Start by looking at the percentage of negative views in the overall response. If there are several of these reviews, your company is performing poorly in some areas. But this is not necessarily a bad thing. There is always room for improvement and customers nowadays appreciate transparency and a brand that they can trust. Better start building your reputation now. 

There is also the question of where. Where to find the reviews I am looking for? 

Let’s say that reviews follow a standard format or template. If you operate an internet business, it won’t be difficult for you to spot them. Marketplaces—whether they be local, online, or global—are frequently preferred locations for reviews. You could search for reviews in the growing markets as well. Ultimately, reviews are where your customers are.

Probably the most interesting question is the how. How am I going to monitor my reviews? 

There are numerous methods and strategies for keeping track of reviews. The manual version is also available, but let’s just say that it’s outdated and takes too much of your time. Nobody wants to perform robotic duties anymore in 2022. Why go to the trouble of doing that when an all-in-one platform can handle it for you? Don’t let the enthusiasm that brought you here in the first place die. A platform like FeedCheck allows you to aggregate product reviews at their core, provide access to over 100 marketplaces across numerous countries, and provide you with rich review data regarding both your products and those of your competitors.

By taking this seriously, not only do you develop the greatest strategies but also gain a significant competitive advantage. The people you’re aiming to target will be impressed when you’re the business that answers to customers instead of ignoring them. Creating trustworthy interaction with your customers is a long-term strategy. That will only benefit your business. 

This can serve as a helpful roadmap as you begin the review monitoring process. If this blog post could be compressed into a picture it would look something like this. Now ask yourself: 

Has the time come for your business to get your product reviews monitored?

Here are 4 key questions that you should ask yourself before embarking on this journey:

4 Key Product Review Monitoring Questions (and How to Answer Them)